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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cruise Ship Information: Holland America Line

Holland America Line has once again been entitled the Best Overall Cruise Value for 2012 by the Best Cruise Value Awards. For 20 straight years, the cruise company has been consistently performing well enough to impress the World Ocean & Cruise Liner Society or the WOCLS.

Holland America Line has earned impressive ratings in the High-Deluxe, 5-Star-Plus, Large Ships category mainly because of the incredible cruise experience that they coherently provide.

According to the executive vice president, marketing, sales and guest programs of the company, Mr. Richard Meadows, it has been a great achievement to win the award each year for the last two decades. He also mentioned that it shows as a proof of the sheer dedication and incredible hard work that they provide in order to showcase the best cruise experience that their guests could possibly ever have.

WOCLS members are basically formed of experienced cruisers that take around two cruises per year. They carefully analyze different cruise lines each year. They also have a monthly publication wherein they consistently mention the greatness of Holland America Line and how the company continues to impressively achieve the best overall value in cruises. The society has also seen the extra effort given by Holland America Line to be able to provide features that other cruise lines fail to provide.

This just showcases the greatness of service by Holland America Line. Imagine getting added features and service just for the same price with other cruise lines. This only reinstates how the company values their guests, taking an extra step ahead yet having the same rates. Any passenger would definitely be enthralled by this. Getting the best value for their money, this is what most people want and Holland American Line always strives to provide that.

Having a friendly and warm crew composed of Filipino and Indonesian people, you can feel their service has been formed and executed with extra effort. The crew has been trained properly and supervised effectively. The cruise also has a wide option in terms of dinner menus and other forms of food. Their ships also have incredible appearances, which in turn reflect the greatness of their service. A lot of factors contribute on why the WOCLS chose Holland America Line as the Best Overall Cruise Value of 2012 and these factors have been consistently present for the past 2 decades. This just says a lot about Holland America Line, being impressive for one year is great but winning the award for 20 straight years definitely means something. It means that they have been using the perfect formula in giving the best value for their service and that’s just what every passenger could ever want for.

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