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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Best Tips on Being an Online Writer in the Philippines

No doubt about it, the Philippines has surfaced as one of the top outsourcing countries in the world today. The country has definitely pushed itself towards growth and job opportunities have blossomed online. You simply need a reliable computer, consistent internet connection and sheer determination to learn. You can grab hold of a lot of jobs online through the help of online classified ad websites. I've been in the online writing business for around 6 years. From the first time I heard that there's money online and that you can even earn dollars, I eagerly jumped the bandwagon and has never looked back ever since.

Here are my following tips on how to take advantage of different online opportunities even if you are just at home:

1) Create an impressive and grammatically-correct resume.

This will help you propel towards your goals. Make things short but meaningful. Always keep in mind that a well-constructed resume can dictate your future.

2) Write samples online.

Whether it be through a personal blog or simply through different article publishing websites, you have to write and write and write in order to improve your skills. This would not just help you hone your writing skills but you will also have the benefit of providing an online writing portfolio that you can show to your future clients or employers.

3) Create a Paypal Account.

We are privileged to be in one of the countries that can access and utilize PayPal. It has been a revolutionary tool, especially for people who take advantage of online transactions. I have used PayPal for 6 years and I have never encountered a single transaction problem. Your money is safe and just as long as you don't have any bank account issues, you can expect your money to arrive safe and sound.

4) Never stop looking.

Never be discouraged if you don't find a decent-paying job online. Always remember that people post ads every day. You might not be lucky today but you can still be lucky tomorrow. Through my 6 year-odyssey of online writing, I have encountered a lot of people from different countries. I have worked on jobs that pay different rates. Sometimes you get lucky to write for a high-paying client and sometimes you need to be satisfied on a low-paying client. The important thing is that you always keep a heads up attitude and continue working and be thankful that you have work.

5) Form a Team.

Once you get rolling and seem to get a lot of work to come in, it's time that you build your own team. Not only it will make life easier and faster for you but you will also have the chance to help and provide opportunities for other people to earn.

6) Always Be Organized

Whether you work alone or work with a team, it's best that you organize everything and provide a viable work schedule. Time is really golden, especially with online work where in your timezone is not the same with your client's timezone. Once you get the hang of it, everything will come easy for you.

I hope these tips could help you find online opportunities. Take advantage of the technology we are given today, you'll never know it might change your life in more ways than you can ever imagine. 

Take a chance! Find work online. It's never too late to try.

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