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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Health Information Guide: Strength Training at Home

Endurance and muscular strength are essential fitness components required for optimal well-being and better quality of life. However, not all can afford to sign for a gym membership or join a health club. Some memberships even cost up to $100 per month. Adding up other fees plus the inconvenience of having to travel to the facility are other factors why some people gets discouraged instead of being inspired. 

There is an alternative that some people still haven’t taken advantage of. You can actually make use of your living room or even your basement and turn it into your personal training facility. Obviously, your house does not have the expensive training machines but with enough investment and a creative mind, you can actually accomplish a great workout within the confines of your own home.

What You’ll Need:

Enough Space

You are required to have an open space that will help with your freedom of movement. You need to avoid hazards and potential harmful objects and furniture. You can rearrange your living room or even your garage stall to have enough space. Enough space is about 100 square feet which is 10 feet by 10 feet.

Effective Equipment

You can actually invest in some dumbbells, resistance bands and a stability ball. Basically, majority of strength training workouts can be accomplished with these basic stuff. You can also add an adjustable bench for changing angles that can help you with your upper body workouts. 

Determined Plan

It’s crucial to start resistance training with a plan. It must be a structured program with 8-10 exercises in order to target your body’s major muscle groups. Essentially, it is wise to have a consultation with a local fitness expert with expertise in strength training. If you’re just a beginner in strength training, a fitness professional is what you need. He can provide you with professional advice and help you structure out your strength training plan. You can work on 1-3 sets with 8-12 repetitions for a minimum of twice a week. Always keep in mind that it’s very important to perform warm-ups before you begin with your strength training.

Cruise Ship Information: Holland America Line

Holland America Line has once again been entitled the Best Overall Cruise Value for 2012 by the Best Cruise Value Awards. For 20 straight years, the cruise company has been consistently performing well enough to impress the World Ocean & Cruise Liner Society or the WOCLS.

Holland America Line has earned impressive ratings in the High-Deluxe, 5-Star-Plus, Large Ships category mainly because of the incredible cruise experience that they coherently provide.

According to the executive vice president, marketing, sales and guest programs of the company, Mr. Richard Meadows, it has been a great achievement to win the award each year for the last two decades. He also mentioned that it shows as a proof of the sheer dedication and incredible hard work that they provide in order to showcase the best cruise experience that their guests could possibly ever have.

WOCLS members are basically formed of experienced cruisers that take around two cruises per year. They carefully analyze different cruise lines each year. They also have a monthly publication wherein they consistently mention the greatness of Holland America Line and how the company continues to impressively achieve the best overall value in cruises. The society has also seen the extra effort given by Holland America Line to be able to provide features that other cruise lines fail to provide.

This just showcases the greatness of service by Holland America Line. Imagine getting added features and service just for the same price with other cruise lines. This only reinstates how the company values their guests, taking an extra step ahead yet having the same rates. Any passenger would definitely be enthralled by this. Getting the best value for their money, this is what most people want and Holland American Line always strives to provide that.

Having a friendly and warm crew composed of Filipino and Indonesian people, you can feel their service has been formed and executed with extra effort. The crew has been trained properly and supervised effectively. The cruise also has a wide option in terms of dinner menus and other forms of food. Their ships also have incredible appearances, which in turn reflect the greatness of their service. A lot of factors contribute on why the WOCLS chose Holland America Line as the Best Overall Cruise Value of 2012 and these factors have been consistently present for the past 2 decades. This just says a lot about Holland America Line, being impressive for one year is great but winning the award for 20 straight years definitely means something. It means that they have been using the perfect formula in giving the best value for their service and that’s just what every passenger could ever want for.

Popular Workout Tool: The History of Kettlebells

During the 1700s, kettlebells were actually utilized as counterweights for farm equipment used by the Russians. Farmers utilized them until they turned out to be a fitness tool. The popularity of the kettlebell spread like wildfire all throughout Russia. Kettlebells have been part of Russian culture since ancient times. Because of the fact that Russian people love to showcase their physical strength, being the strongest man became an honor for them. Strength contests were held in almost all towns and villages. The winners of these contests were called Bogatir. Bogatirs were referred as the honorable and strong men.

By that era, kettlebells were still not officially regarded as a true sport. It was basically a form of entertainment. Russian strongmen would just showcase their kettlebell abilities in different city festivities. This showcase of kettlebell abilities is a form of presenting and comparing different strongmen’s strength, coordination and endurance. Kettlebell contests were constant components of different social gatherings in Russia.

When World War II ended, weight lifting became so famous in Russia. People became more enthused with Olympic weight lifting. Russians became motivated to win, get titles, and be masters of their own sports. The sad thing about it is that Kettlebell can’t offer that because it has not been regarded as a sport. Despite of this, many residents from the villages still practiced with kettlebells. The villagers, fisher men, military and farmers still continued to use kettlebells. It continued to be used in contest.  By the 1970s, kettlebells were officially recognized by the United All State Sport Association of USSR even though it still did not have the official set of rules and standards. By 1985, an official committee for kettlebell sport was finally organized. By November of that year, the very first National Championship of USSR took place in Lipetsk, Russia.

After fifteen years, Kettlebells were officially introduced to America for the very first time. By 2002, the Kettlebell training craze hit the country by storm. Until today, it remains as one of the hottest training workouts and highly regarded as one of the most effective. Kettlebell experts such as Steve Cotter and Ken Blackburn continue to help people with this type of full-body workout. Kettlebells have definitely transformed through the centuries and the best thing about it is that it still provides benefits for the people of today. 

Check out the experts and learn kettlebell training today!

Fitness Guide: Benefits of Stretching

Stretching has been utilized heavily in different workouts such as Yoga and Pilates. For decades, it has become an integral part of fitness. It helps out in reducing stress, easing lower back pain and increasing flexibility. Stretching should definitely be a crucial part of every person’s exercise routine.

So what are the specific benefits of stretching?

Better Range of Motion
Stretching assists in increasing the joints’ range of motion. Having this helps a person to achieve better balance. Being able to have better balance makes a person less vulnerable to falls and other related injuries.

The major component to increase a person’s flexibility is through stretching. As people get older, muscles eventually become tighter and shorter which leads to less overall flexibility. This decrease in flexibility makes a person more hazardous to tendon, joint and muscle injuries. Having a more flexible body helps a person to perform exercises in a much easier manner.

Lessens Back Pains
A lot of people of today suffer from chronic back pain. Stretching works best to strengthen the muscles on a person’s lower back. It also helps alleviate pain and soreness. Muscles play a huge factor to a person’s posture. Hence, it is best to stretch these muscles out in order to eliminate or reduce lower back pain.

Better Circulation
Stretching has been proven ever since to help increase circulation. It helps better the blood flow of a person as well as help supply nutrients to cartilage and muscles. This basically leads to reducing muscle soreness after a person works out. The whole point is that a person will experience less pain because his muscles will become less sore.

Some people ignore the importance of stretching and its benefits to a person’s everyday life. Knowing more about it as it relates to different workouts is a must to anyone who plans to make a healthy change in their lifestyle. Consulting a fitness expert is the best move to maximize the information about stretching and different workouts.

Top 5 Effective Cardio Tips!

Planning to make a change in your life and start getting fit and healthy? Hold your horses and please don’t jump straight into a workout. You need cardio! Here are 5 effective cardio tips to get you started.

1. It’s best that you start small and eventually increase in a gradual manner. This will help you in getting ripped especially if you are dieting. You don’t want your hard-earned muscle eaten away.

2. Cardio sessions should vary and should not be the same all the time. You have different options like running, martial arts, rowing, jogging, etc. If you are actually bored with cardio, this will help you enjoy it since you have different cardio options. It also helps your body to not get used to just one routine. Varying your cardio routines help your body adjust and speed up your metabolism.

3. With regards to fat loss, your body actually begins consuming fat after a certain period of time when you do cardio. It may either be 20 minutes or more but it really depends on the body of each individual. Best things is to keep the cardio going for a minimum of 30 minutes. It’s already considered as moderate-high intensity cardio.

4. Make variations with intensity on your cardio. You can begin with a brief walk then turn it up to moderate intensity.  You can then adjust to high intensity and after a period of time, lower it back down to moderate intensity. End your session with an easy pace to help your muscles relax after as well.

5. Cardio should never be done right after a workout. You need to keep in mind that your body needs food after you workout. It’s not appropriate to cardio after a workout because your body will be needing something to intake. 

Take advantage of cardio and enjoy it. With a lot of options for cardio, this is probably the least boring part of anyone’s workout. It’s also important to consider that cardio is just part of an equation to stay fit, build muscles and lose fat. Cardio is indeed a very effective tool but without proper training, workout and diet, it won’t be as effective as you desire it to be. 

Basketball in the Philippines Part 2

Of all the sports in the world, there is no other sport more popular and more embraced by the Filipino people, other than basketball. All throughout Asia, Soccer or Football has been the most recognized sport, but in the Philippines, basketball has been the frenzied sport ever since. Filipinos just crave for playing basketball. In almost every street or corner of the country, one can find basketball courts of different looks and sizes, signifying the Filipinos’ love for the sport and making the Philippines unique. Most of the Filipino youth aspire to be basketball players and dream to make it in the big time professional leagues or even just at the collegiate level. This love for basketball did not just sprung out of the Filipino people, it transpired gradually through the years.

The Americans through the YMCA or the Young Men’s Christian Association introduced basketball in the Philippines. Around 1898-1900, basketball was launched in the country. Being just a newly invented sport back then, the Philippines was considered as one of the earliest basketball playing countries around the world. As early as 1910 up to the 1930s the Philippines ruled over the Far Eastern Games basketball tournament, capturing 9 out of 10 basketball championships. The first ever Far Eastern Championship Games, a precursor to the Asian Games was held in Manila in 1913 and the first ever Philippine Basketball National team won the coveted gold medal. In 1919 and 1925, the Far Eastern Games was held again in Manila, and the country captured the gold medal for the third and fourth time. 1934 was the final Far Eastern Games, and it took place in Manila. The country for the 9th time won the basketball championship. The 1934 Far Eastern Games was the final event of the games because after it, wars between Asian countries erupted. During the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, the country even participated in the basketball event and had a 4-1 record after bowing out to the United States in the quarterfinals.

Then came the Golden Era, the 1950s. This period cemented the Philippines’ basketball fame all over Asia by winning Asian Basketball gold medals in the 1951, 1954 and 1958 Asian Games. Carlos “Caloy” Loyzaga, also named as “the Big Difference” became the country’s main man and dominated over other Asian players. He is considered as one of the greatest players of the country and of Asia. During the 1960s, the Philippines won the first ever FIBA Asian Championships. The Philippines also captured the 1962 Asian Games gold medal. And in the 1963 FIBA Asian Championships, the country retained the championship.  This just proves that the Philippines is not just a pushover in the world of basketball. The country has proven numerous times that Filipinos are worthy opponents and formidable foes in International Basketball competitions. The consecutive championships and relentless domination during the early parts of the century shaped the Philippines as a basketball powerhouse in the continent.

As early as 1924, the NCAA or the National Collegiate Athletic Association has put basketball as part of a list of sports that collegiate schools compete in. The first ever Basketball Champions of the NCAA was the University of the Philippines. 1938 saw the rise of a new Athletic Association, the University Athletic Association of the Philippines, or the UAAP.  The Far Eastern University won the first ever basketball championship of the UAAP. These athletic associations thru the years has kept the relentless tradition of pitting together collegiate schools and universities and battling it all out of for basketball glory and alma mater pride. Basketball became more popular and love for the sport has risen to a higher level. 1938 also gave birth to the first ever commercial basketball league named MICAA, or the Manila Industrial and Commercial Athletic Association.

After MICAA’s descend, the Basketball Association of the Philippines, or BAP, formed the PBA. The Philippine Basketball Association became the first ever Professional Basketball League in Asia, and second in the world, next only to the NBA, or the National Basketball Association. The emergence of the PBA shouldered the fame of basketball in the country. April 9, 1975 was the date of the first ever game. As soon as Gregorio “Joy” Dionisio put the ball inside the ring for the first ever basket in the history of the PBA, the Filipinos already knew that basketball would reach a much even higher level within the country. Basketball indeed reached new heights, due to the commercialization and media broadcasting of the PBA. More Filipinos became more exposed to the sport. Basketball became the most crazed sport and materialized as the nation’s sensation.

After the retirement of “the Big Difference”, Carlos “Caloy” Loyzaga in the 1960s, the country’s basketball prowess weakened, but the country still became competitive contenders. In the 1965 FIBA Asian Championships, the country posted a 9-0 record and won the gold medal, posting the Philippines’ 3rd Championship in the history of the event. In the first ever Southeast Asian Games, or SEA Games held in 1977, the country won the first ever gold medal in basketball and has never let go of the gold in every SEA Games ever since.

1981 was the year when the Philippines won the championship at the 5th Jones Cup that was held in Taiwan. In 1984, the San Miguel Philippines/Northern Consolidated basketball squad won the FIBA Asia Club Championships and earned a ticket to play at the 1985 FIBA World Club Championships that was held at Spain. Led by Hector “the Director” Calma, “the Skywalker” Samboy Lim, and “the Triggerman” Allan Caidic, the Philippines placed third and won the Bronze Medal. Also in 1985, the country captured the 9th Jones Cup championship after triumphing over the United States with a score of 108-100 in the championship game. In 1986, the country captured the bronze medal in the Asian Games, after losing to South Korea in a dramatic fashion. 1990 saw the silver medal conquest in the Asian Games held in Beijing, China, of the first ever Philippine National basketball team that was composed of professional players from the PBA. Considered as the “Philippines Dream Team”, the 1990 Asian Games Team was composed of future PBA Hall of Famers, with the likes of Alvin “the Captain” Patrimonio, Allan Caidic, “the Tower of Power” Benjie Paras, “El Presidente” Ramon Fernandez, Hector Calma, and “the Skywalker” Samboy Lim, who became included in the Asian Games Mythical Selection, being one of the top 5 players in the basketball event.

The 1994 Philippine Basketball Team Selection for the Asian Games captured 4th place, while the 1998 Philippine Centennial Team won the bronze medal in the 1998 Asian Games held in Bangkok, Thailand. The Centennial Team also won the Championship of the 21st Jones Cup in 1998, by beating Chinese Taipei. In 2002, the Philippine National Team placed 4th in the Asian Games despite having powerhouse Fil-Am Players. The country lost to China, South Korea, and Kazakhstan. All the championships and medals won throughout the years makes the Philippines a notable opponent in the sport of basketball. The sport has become a national phenomenon. Filipinos crave for bringing back the glory and the pride of Philippine Basketball in the International stage.

The country has hosted numerous basketball tournaments through the years. The first ever Far Eastern Championships that was in 1913, was held in Manila. In 1919, 1925, and 1934, Manila also became host in the Far Eastern Championships.  During the 1954, the country hosted the Asian Games.  In 1960, the country also hosted the Asian Basketball Confederation. 1962 was one of the most memorable years of Philippine basketball, because it’s the year where the FIBA suspended the Philippines for the very first time due to President Diosdado Macapagal’s refusal to issue visas to players from communist countries. The Philippines lost the privilege of hosting the FIBA World Championships. In 1973, the country hosted the FIBA Asian Championships. In 1978, the Philippines obtained the privilege to host the FIBA World Championships.  All these hosting of different basketball tournaments through the years show that the country is internationally recognized as a basketball hotspot in the world. The Philippines is one of the most basketball-crazed countries in the world, which shows the countries potential of hosting other future basketball tournaments.

The FIBA, or the Fédération Internationale de Basketball Amateur, is the governing body of all the international basketball competitions. The Philippines, through the Basketball Association of the Philippines joined the FIBA in 1936. Through the FIBA, International issues in basketball are given answers and proper suspensions. Just recently, for the third time, the Philippines had been suspended by the FIBA due to the POC or Philippine Olympic Committee’s conflicts with the BAP. The POC suspended the BAP because of its alleged agendas and weak capability to develop the country into a powerhouse in Asia. Due to this, the FIBA suspended the country from playing in any FIBA-sanctioned competitions like the Asian Games, Olympic Games, FIBA World Championships, and the FIBA Asian Championships.

The suspension stayed for months and Philippine Basketball leaders remained silent for a resolution. The country’s status as invisible in international basketball competitions remained and other countries within the region grabbed the opportunity to develop. After some months, a joint communiqué have proposed to fix the problem. At the 2006 FIBA World Championships in Saitama, Japan, representatives from the BAP and Pilipinas Basketball separately talked with FIBA officials for a solution and to gain recognition. The answer would be, is to form a new basketball organization that would unite the country’s basketball stature. The new organization materialized as the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas. On February 5, 2007, a unity congress took place and the FIBA Suspension was announced as being lifted from that day on. As part of the unity congress and the approval from both parties, the new name of the basketball organization became the SBP-BAP, or the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas-Basketball Association of the Philippines. Manny Pangilinan was named president of the organization which also holds notable personalities in the Board of Trustees and the Board of Executives, giving places for proper leaders of Philippine Basketball.

The FIBA’s lifting of suspension after two years of absence in the international scene of basketball calls for a resurgence of Philippine Basketball. The country has to prove once again that the quest for basketball fame and glory is always at hand. The resurgence of Philippine Basketball is starting to rise anew. After the suspension was lifted, the Philippines even volunteers to host any FIBA-sanctioned international competitions. The country is obsessed with basketball, and it is also craving for international basketball recognition. Hosting such international competitions will certainly help the resurgence of Philippine Basketball and testify the country’s craze and love for the sport. The country has the potential to showcase the world how basketball-frenzy the Filipinos are. A landmark for everything basketball looms in the horizon.

Basketball in the Philippines Part 1

Defined as a physical activity, an active pastime and also as an instrument of competition, athletic sports has been an essential factor in man’s existence. The early civilizations dating back to China’s ancient past thru artifacts reveal that sports has been part of man’s life way back then. One of the earliest developed sports in China is gymnastics. In Egypt, monuments to pharaohs showcase the ancient sporting events like swimming, fishing, javelin throwing, high jump, and wrestling. Ancient Greek civilizations due to their known military culture developed a much wider range of sports. Sports served as a huge influence in their culture, which brought forth the quadrennial Olympics in honor to the gods and for glory. The Greek’s Ancient Olympics served as a catalyst for sport’s growth and development.

Analyzing the different cultures from different parts of the world and learning that they have their own sports presents a thought that man has a need for physical participation and sports activities. From the Ancient civilizations until today, Athletic Sports has been in existence and has never faded. The growth and development of sports thru the years showcases Sports’ sustainability and its unwavering international influence.

Sports being defined as an active pastime is an activity that involves physical, mental and also emotional participation. The physical aspect helps in the health and fitness of a person or of an athlete. Being involved in sports helps create a healthy lifestyle, a way of sustaining a well-conditioned body that could keep up with the physical needs of a certain sport. The mental aspect of it comes from the thought of how to win or beat the competition in a more logical and knowledgeable way. Pure physicality can’t win competitions, this is where the term brains and brawns come in effect. The emotional aspect is showcased when an athlete gets drawn to the game emotionally. The passion for the sport is more displayed thru the emotional connection of the athlete. Not just for athletes but also for spectators, athletic sports serves as a great source of entertainment. The crowd makes the sport much interesting.

Sports in general not only serve as an active pastime, not just a physical activity, but it is also a universal language. Thru sports, countries engage in friendly competitions and showcase diplomacy. International sports competitions present opportunities to pit together the most talented athletes from different countries and battle for international fame and glory. Sports achievements create windows of opportunities for unknown countries to put their nation’s name on the map. Most of the time, successful athletes gain fame not only for themselves but also for their country.

Sports for the Ancient Greeks served as a steppingstone for glory and recognition. The early Greeks competed in the Olympics to win coveted prizes and to give honor to the gods. Today, persons involved in sports consider being an athlete as an occupation. Sports act as a worthy source of income for athletes. Athletic Sports evolved and has flowed with the times. Today, sports are more commercialized due to the growth of technology and the increase in media sources. 

Due to the development of technology, international sports have served more countries and are more exposed due to the Media’s outsourcing. Today, aside from Movie actors and Musicians, Sports personalities are the most famous people around the world. From basketball superstars Yao Ming of China, Dirk Nowitzki of Germany, to Russian Tennis sensation Maria Sharapova, athletic sports has become an international spectacle. 

The Modern Olympic Games is the largest if not the only sporting event that hosts most if not all the nations of the world. Thru this Olympic Games, every four years, a time for recreation and a break from the conflicts of the world, takes effect as soon as the torch is lit. The quadrennial event that captures the world’s attention serves as a catalyst for countries to display the capabilities of athletes and also presents an opportunity for the host country to showcase their nation’s culture and architectural exposition. Before choosing a host country, candidate nations present proposals of the look of the Olympic site that may be used if chosen. The Olympic Committee decides and picks the country with the best proposal. 

While the Olympics serve as the quadrennial event for International Competition, the Asian Games or the Asiad operates as the quadrennial event for the Asian countries. The Asiad is a smaller event compared to the Olympics due to the lesser number of participating countries. Opportunities are larger for less-renowned countries and continental recognition is easier to grasp. If the Olympics is the international stage of competition, and the Asian Games is the platform for the whole of Asia, the Southeast Asian Games or the SEA Games is the place for Southeast Asian nations to showcase their athletes’ supremacy among the region. The Southeast Asian games have been one of the sporting events that the Philippines dominated and have won numerous times. The SEA Games showcased the country’s greatest athletes thru the years. With the likes of swimming legend and former Philippine Games and Amusement Board Chairman Eric Buhain, to the track and field icon Lydia De Vega, the SEA Games showcased the Philippines’ athletic prowess. 

Patintero, Agawan Base, Tumbang Preso, Luksong-Baka, Luksong Tinik, are games that the Filipino youth play. These are games that may be called local. Filipino kids grew up playing these kinds of games and instilling the value of competitiveness and sportsmanship. These games also served as a preliminary exposure for sports. These local games played in the barrios or barangays played a huge role for local kids. With these competitive games, Strength, Speed and Agility manifested early on the Filipino youth. The feisty competitiveness and the passion to win instilled thru these games served as simple steppingstones for future athletes that aspire for national and international glory in athletic sports.

The Philippines’ passion for sports is huge. Whether as an athlete or just mere spectators, Filipinos crave for sports entertainment and sports achievements. The whole country supports when a Filipino athlete or team is in conquest for success. During the 1950’s Gabriel “Flash” Elorde put the Philippines in the world map by winning a boxing world championship and holding it for consecutive years. Today, Manny Pacquiao has kept the Philippines on the world map. The Philippines gain huge recognition due to Manny Pacquiao’s success. It only shows that success in sports creates large opportunities, extracts a wider range of fame for the country, and also displays the heart of an athlete coming from that nation which incorporates the heart of people from that nation. A huge amount of the Government’s budget is allotted for Philippine Sports’ development, which tells how much the country is involved in sports. 

The Best iPhone Cases

The new iPhone 4 has been a revolutionary gadget with its advanced and complete features. It has definitely turned into the most popular phone in the world. After coming up with the iPod and iPad, Apple has continued creating ground-breaking products including the iPhone 4. Having a phone as expensive as this one, it is rightfully practical to get a case for it.

The people who choose iPhone 4 cases for protection usually buy rubber or leather cases. The leather type of case lasts long and showcases a stylish and elegant look. Rubber cases are cheaper than leathered ones though they are also very effective in protecting your phone. You can even test your iPhone 4 by dropping it while it is covered with the rubber case. You will find no scratch on your phone. The only drawback of this type of casing is that it attracts dust. Aside from leather and rubber cases, there are also metal and plastic ones. The trendy ones are the plastic cases which are sold in different styles and colors. They are quite cheaper compared to the previous mentioned case that's why you can have a variety of this type of cover for your phone.

Due to the growing number of smartphones being released daily, it is best that you make your phone standout from the crowd with the help of unique iPhone 4 cases. There are so many cases that you can choose from and the following are just few of the best ones out today.

iBottleopener Case

There are so many unique iPhone 4 cases in the world today but nothing compares to the iBottleopener case. The name speaks for itself. You can open your regular beers or sodas with the help of this case. It works practically perfect if you are in a party and no bottle opener around. Imagine opening a bottle of beer while talking on the phone. That is definitely unique.

Carry Pouch Case

This is one of the most unique iPhone 4 cases and also one of the most practical. It almost covers the entire phone and weighs lighter than a flip case. It is best that you search for a pull tab if you choose to buy a carry pouch case. It has various designs that you can choose from. If you want unique and practical, this case is for you.

Booty Call Case and Holder

This would definitely count as one of the most unique iPhone 4 cases today because of its design. It does not also serve as a case but a holder as well. Its uniqueness comes from its unusual design and shape. It is like having an "ass" at your hands or at your table all the time. If you want something unique then this definitely fits the bill. It can also add up as a source of humor to people around you.

CrystalRoc Swarovski Case

If you want a glittering and shining case, then this one is the right fit for you. This suits people that want to showcase glitz and glamour through their phone. Having this case on your phone is like having diamond crystals displayed for everyday use.

Ruggedized Case

One of the most common reasons why people buy phone cases is the fact that people accidentally drop phones often. With this ruggedized case, your iPhone 4 is placed in a cover that has shock absorption. It helps prevent dust and debris to come contact with the glass panels as well. The ports and controls of you iPhone 4 would also be easy to access with this case.

Natural Bamboo Wooden Case

One of the best designed and most unique iPhone 4 cases made today is the natural bamboo wooden case. It has been handcrafted using natural materials. It also serves as very eco-friendly. Its lightweight and slim characteristic also adds to its unique and nature-friendly design.

Electrical Outlet Case

Aside from its effectiveness in protecting your phone, this case adds up humor and delight to people who will see it. Definitely one of the most unique iPhone 4 cases ever made, this one is surely a hit for the masses.

There are so many variations when it comes to unique iPhone 4 cases. The creativity of designers has definitely stepped up a notch with this one. So if you plan to buy an iPhone 4 case, go for something unique, something that you can be proud of. There are those practical iPhone cases and the wacky looking ones, choose your pick.

Something Financial: Making Money Online Tips

The internet has done so many wonders for the people of today. Everything has been much easier since the internet's inception. You can buy different items online. You can chat with your love ones even if they are miles away. You can even make money online if you really wanted to. You will be amazed by the truth that making money online is really easy.

Here are a few of the tips and strategies that you can utilize to make money online:

Utilize your writing skills, this would be one of the basic points that you can ponder on if you really want to earn online. If you can work with words and turn them into satisfying and enticing paragraphs, then you have the potential to create write-ups or blogs that can help lead people into buying something. Writing can be a very effective tool. You can apply as an online writer and earn money by simply creating articles, blogs and other writing needs. Many companies nowadays search for effective writers to write articles about their products and promote them as well. If writing is a breeze for you, then you have the largest potential in making money online.

Paid-to-click websites are also effective for earning online. Earning money using this method takes time though. You have to be patient because the pay on paid-to-click sites is a little bit small. If you are patient enough to click on the sites or even take surveys daily, then the additional income from this method shall be helpful for you.

You can also opt to sell items online. The power of online marketing has made all of us potential sellers. You can sell old and even antique items up to brand new ones. You can set up an online store so that you have a more organized and a more formal presentation of the items that you are selling. The more items you post online, the better chances of making a sale each and every day.

These are just a few of the strategies that you can use to make money online. Always keep in mind that the internet has bridged the gap and it is your job to take the opportunity. If you really want to earn online, you have the potential to do so if you just focus on it. Make sure that you are always updated with the trends so that you will be more capable of being a potential online earner.

Understanding Treasure in Trash: eBay Selling Tips

eBay has provided many benefits for people. It has definitely revolutionized marketing in so many ways. Making money online has never been this easy since eBay's inception. You can sell a variety of items online, ranging from old items up to brad new ones. You can even sell all the junk that lay around your house. If you have items that you think you would not use anymore but still has good value, it is best that you sell it on eBay because you will be surprised with what people buy on that site. You can definitely make money out of something that you think won't do you any good anymore.

Making money online through selling items can definitely increase your income potential. The best step that you should take is to create an online store so that the potential buyers will see that you really are legit with what you are selling. You have to be reputable in so many ways so that potential buyers will favor you more than other sellers.

Look around your house and figure what are the things that you really do not need to use. Start off with the antiques because chances are that antique buyers might bump into your page. Make sure that you really want to sell those items before displaying them online. Your junk at home has the potential to turn into cash instantly with eBay. If you really want to make money online, this is really one effective stepping stone.

Earning online may not seem easy initially but once you get the hang of it, you will discover that it is a breeze. Once you get the ball rolling, you will eventually realize that making money online is achievable and never impossible. So get starting and look for what you consider junk around your house then take a picture of it and post it online. Always remember to be patient because making money online requires that virtue. Never lose hope if your item does not get sold quickly, thus, it is best that you post many items for selling. The more you sell the more potential buyers that you can have. Go get earning money online and start right now.

The Best Real Estate Tips

Available land has increasingly gotten scarcer. Prices of property around the world have been moving up and real estate has become a good type of business. As you read on, you will learn about different real estate tips to help you build your wealth. You basically need to locate foreclosed properties and then check out the lists that you need pay for then go immediately to your required sources. Fundamentally, a property that is foreclosed is either owned by the bank, the federal government or the county. Thus, all you initially have to do is to contact these three agencies in order to get a list of different foreclosed properties.

When you have acquired the list of properties that are foreclosed in your area, the next thing to do is to drive past them. Search for properties that look to be developing or well established. It is important to take note that you have to stay away from blighted areas for properties here may not increase in value. If you are on the stage of searching for promising areas with foreclosed properties, make sure that it won't cost any cash. Basically, real estate information is showcased for the public; you only have to look thoroughly. For example, in Brampton, real estate agents are not hard to find as long as you search carefully. Brampton real estate agents can assist you in your task to locate the best areas.

Good Location 

Finding foreclosed property situated in a good location could turn much better. An example place would be in Brampton. Real estate agents focusing on foreclosure can effectively help you in this hotspot for real estate. Brampton real estate agents are aplenty due to the city's promising real estate. A good location can define your task of getting rich through real estate.

Financing from Seller 

Foreclosure owners basically want to quickly get their properties shot. It is best that you work with them to be able to understand better the aspects of financing or even urge them to pay the closing costs. Do not be afraid to inquire for financing. This applies essentially if you are acquiring a foreclosure that has been long in the marketplace. Some cases actually showcase sellers supplying financing.

Understand Bidding 

This is very basic; you have to bid when it comes to foreclosures. It might take a while to fully grasp the bidding methods. There are actually different paths when bidding for different properties. Essentially, you need to prove your qualifications as a buyer when bidding. You need to be pre-approved or explain your financial capability to be taken seriously for bidding.

Flipping Property 

When it comes to flipping property, it simply involves hanging onto property then selling it to another person. It means holding onto foreclosed property that has been run down for a cheap price and make a turnover. This can help you make fast profit.

My Take on Last Year's Run of Boston: Celtic Love

Series Not Yet Over for Gritty Celtics, Wins Game 5 in NY

The Boston Celtics survive for another game with a 92-86 Game 5 win over the New York Knicks in Madison Square Garden. The series ain’t over yet as the Celtics return to TD Garden for Game 6. Driven by passion and determination, the Cs held on for the win with help from Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Jeff Green, Brandon Bass and Jason Terry. They almost equally contributed for the huge win. Brandon Bass has come out of his shell and has proven that he can be the x-factor for Boston. Jason Terry on the other hand, after being criticized for not performing well throughout the whole season has shown better basketball during this series. Kevin Garnett has been playing inspired basketball which some say may be due to his possible retirement at the end of the season. KG corralled 18 rebounds for the game along with his 16 points. Paul Pierce has been doing his thing, being the captain and scoring when needed. Bass and Terry each had 17 points to contribute for the Cs.

The dismal shooting of the New York Knicks gave the win away to the Celtics with Carmelo Anthony shooting 8 out of 24 while J.R Smith only made 3 out of 14 FGs. This is an interesting series to follow, with the “Honey Nut Cheerios” incident earlier in the season and the deep rivalry between the two teams; Boston fans definitely have no love for New York fans and vice-versa. Adding fuel to the fire, the New York Knicks players came to MSG wearing black suits, wherein they labeled the game as a funeral (for the Celtics). What they expected did not happen though and the Celtics live to see another day.

No team in the NBA has won a series while being down 0-3. Nothing is impossible though. Next game will be at Boston’s TD Garden. Will it be the end of the line for the Celtics? Will this be the last game for KG and The Truth in Boston? The Garden will definitely be jam-packed with a raucous crowd.  Win or go home, whether you are a Knicks fan, a Celtics fan or just a basketball fan, Game 6 is a must-see!

Dreaming of Nikki

It was one sunny morning; a day that coincided with the birthday of our cousin ate Ivy. The weather was remarkable because it was not too hot despite of a summer day. There was a cool breeze swirling around that led us to stay outside of the house. It was definitely one perfect day. It was actually the day that forever changed our lives.

My mom just went to the doctor for a checkup.  I never really had the chance to know why she went to the doctor that morning all by herself.  It’s been hours since she returned and as soon as the maroon gate opened and saw my mom’s feet stepping through the porch, one question came in unison, “How did it go?” (We actually asked her in Tagalog)… One word came out of her mouth and that word really altered our lives. ..She uttered the word “Positive”.

That was the very day that I really felt very blessed. A blessing was about to come out after 9 months. Actually, I was an only son for a span of 12 years and during the time that my mom was tested pregnant, she was already 39 going 40. For almost 12 years, I was praying to God to give me a sibling or siblings. I was even sleeping at my cousin’s house almost every weekend just to make sure that my parents would do their own thing and make a baby.

The moment that my mom confirmed that she’s pregnant; it was inexplicable happiness all around the house. It’s as if we were on bliss. I can tell from my dad and mom’s eyes that day that a source of irreplaceable joy is in line. During those times, we wanted the whole 9 months to be soon over. We wanted to see how the baby would look like. My mom’s doctor had a clinic at Medical City. It was the old Medical City placed near Lourdes School of Mandaluyong. Yup, I graduated from that school. I remember every checkup of my mom, I had to be fetched from school first and then go straight to her checkup.

One of the most exciting days was the day that my mom had an ultrasound. As soon as the doctor declared that my mom was going to have a baby girl and showed us the results, I really couldn’t stop looking at the baby’s ultrasound pictures. I was so excited to see my little sister even on an ultrasound image.

During the 12th day of January 1997, a healthy little girl was successfully delivered. My baby sister Isabella Dominique Santiago Castillo was born. All of us had the biggest smiles on our faces as soon as we learned that everything went well. We were racing towards the nursery room and tried peaking through the blinds just to have a glimpse of my baby sister. I was very relieved that she did not have the same color as my skin. I was really hoping that she would acquire my mom’s complexion and she actually did. Nikki was a very beautiful baby girl.

As the months passed by, everything went on perfectly until one diagnose really shattered everything for us. Nikki was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease. She had a hole in heart. It was the most excruciating moment of our lives. I couldn’t fathom why of all the people in the world, why does it have to be my little baby sister? I must admit that my faith really wavered. I kept on asking why her and not me instead.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

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